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A project of the Building Movement Project and SolidarityIs, the Power Up Internship Program (PUIP) provides paid part-time remote internship opportunities to people ages 18-25 residing in the US.

The internships are intended for students interested in pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector, young people who are interested in exploring a potential career change, and youth leaders looking to strengthen their commitment to social change by supporting an organization on an ongoing campaign. Candidates should have a demonstrated interest and commitment to building the power of marginalized communities, to co-liberation and solidarity, as well as an interest in taking tools and skills back to their campus or community.

Selected interns will be matched with organizations working on social justice causes ranging from immigrant rights, LGBTQ advocacy, environmental justice, racial equality and more. The internships provide experience in research, social media management and digital advocacy, nonpartisan civic engagement efforts, and public education. Interns will receive trainings and support on building solidarity practice and skills to engage in the nonprofit sector.


Applicants must be between the ages of 18-25 and currently reside in the United States. They must have:

  • Experience that demonstrates a commitment to building the power of marginalized communities
  • Experience working in teams with people from a variety of racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, educational, religious, sexual, gender, and generational backgrounds
  • Ability to sort multiple priorities and respond to the needs of a fast-paced work environment

Previous applicants are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants who have completed the program before are eligible to apply again so long as they meet the above criteria. Participation is limited to two program cycles.


The internships are part-time (15-20 hours/week) positions, each with a stipend of $3000 for a consecutive 6-week work period. The exact dates may vary by host organization.

The stipend will be paid after successful completion of the internship unless other arrangements are made.

How To Apply

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By filling out the application form, candidates are eligible for internships at organizations across the United States. Each intern will be matched with an organization that focuses on issue areas or works on projects the intern has expressed interest in and by geographic proximity to minimize time zone issues.