2023-2024 Solidarity Is This Episodes

Reckoning with sustainability

In this special episode, co-host Adaku Utah and M Adams reflect on the BMP's latest report in the Movement Infrastructure series - Reckoning with Sustainability: Black Leaders Reflect on 2020, the Funding Cliff, and Organizing Infrastructure

Healing across generations at the intersections of memory, care, and justice

In this episode, Cara Page of Changing Frequencies discusses with host Adaku Utah how we reclaim ancestral wisdom for collective liberation and shape futures that center collective care and safety and build power.


In this bonus episode of the Solidarity Is This podcast, Shanelle Matthews, founder of RadComms, joins host Deepa Iyer to discuss how organizations can shape solidarity narratives in a time of crisis.

Mothers of Gynecology Transform Our History and Future

In this episode, Michelle Browder from the More Up Campus speaks with host Adaku Utah about how reclaiming the history of gynecology can transform our conditions and teach us how to center empathy and dignity.

Truth Telling From the Banks of the Ohio River

In this episode, Hannah Drake and Josh Miller from the (Un)Known Project speak with host Deepa Iyer about how sharing the names of stories of enslaved Black men, women and children in Kentucky transforms our understanding of history.

Reclaiming Our Collective Memory

In this episode, host Adaku Utah is in conversation with Mariame Kaba about transformative spaces and practices to reclaim our interdependence and collective memory.

How Sites of Conscience Can Transform Us

The new season of Solidarity Is This begins with an introduction to the power of sites of conscience. Host Deepa Iyer speaks with Braden Paynter and Ereshnee Naidu at the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.

Introducing The Next Season of Solidarity Is This

Deepa Iyer, Adaku Utah, and UyenThi Tran Myhre of the Building Movement Project/Solidarity Is team introduce the themes addressed in the next season of Solidarity Is This.