Solidarity Is This Podcast: 2022 Black History Month Playlist

Learn more about transformative solidarity practices within and across Black communities. Find each episode below, along with the transcript, reflection questions, and episode notes and resources to dig deeper. You can also listen to the podcast episodes on this playlist.
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Lessons from Detroit (November 2019)

Deepa Iyer is in conversation with Linda Campbell (Detroit People’s Platform) who shares experiences and lessons from her decades-long work in Detroit.

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Movement Ecology (January 2018)

Deepa Iyer explores food justice with Leah Penniman (Soul Fire Farm), and the #MeToo Movement with Shivana Jorawar (Jahajee Sisters).

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Following the Lead of Black LGBTQ Migrants (October 2021)

In this LGBTQ History Month episode of Solidarity Is This, guest host Anna Castro talks with Rose Berry, co-director of Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project, about abolitionism and centering Black queer and trans migrants.

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Our Community is Our Campaign (November 2017)

Deepa Iyer is in conversation with M. Adams and Kabzuag Vaj, the co-directors of Freedom, Inc to discuss co-liberation practices among Black and Southeast Asian communities in Madison (WI).

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On the Side of Justice: Immigration & Charlottesville (August 2017)

Deepa Iyer discusses two immigration programs that might be on the chopping block with Greisa Martinez and Patrice Lawrence, and Charlottesville with UVA student, Vilas Annavarapu.

Feb - BHM (7)
One World and COVID-19 (June 2020)

In this episode of Solidarity Is This, learn about the ways in which activists in South Africa and Northern Ireland are addressing the inequities laid bare by the pandemic. Deepa is in conversation with Phumeza Lungwana and Nicola Browne.