Capacity refers to our individual or collective ability to show up and do this work for the long haul.

This could mean identifying generative approaches to address conflicts, developing practices to take care of ourselves and our communities, or ensuring our staff have sustainability plans and are comfortable implementing them - even when that means the work must slow down. Along with self-care, rest, and self-reflection, developing your capacity could include identifying the different social change ecosystem roles you play, learning about restorative justice, and relying on mentors, peers, and guides to support your well-being.

How Do We Sustain Ourselves In Social Change Work?

We spoke with five movement and social change leaders as part of the Fall 2020 #SolidaritySemester. Check out their insights and recommendations for how we can care for ourselves, hold on to hope, and find joy in this moment.

Mapping Our Roles for Social Change in Times of Crisis

Deepa Iyer, creator of the Social Change Ecosystem Map, in a workshop hosted by Speak Out.