Co-conspirators recognize the need for co-liberation and approach solidarity with respect and humility.

We practice active listening and follow the lead of those most directly impacted by systems of oppression. We all make mistakes - but rather than being defensive or feeling shame, co-conspirators listen and course-correct. 

We practice co-conspiratorship by moving from acknowledging or rejecting our privileges to actively using the resources at our disposal to redistribute power. This requires taking risks and working to shift power to directly affected communities. In the words of Bettina Love, "to be a co-conspirator is to take risks for somebody. To put something on the line.”

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Solidarity Semester Spring 2021: Session 3

How Can We Act as Co-Conspirators with Black Migrants?

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Disrupters, Explained!

Deepa Iyer and Catherine Foley dive deeper into the #Disrupter role on the #SocialChangeMap. They discuss strengths, growth areas, and reflection questions.