Beloved Chicano activist, Betita Martinez, once said, “I still believe if we’re ever going to really have the power and build a movement strong enough to transform this society into one of justice with peace, a large part of that will happen as a result of different forces coming together, seeing what they have to fight for in common, and really getting out there and using everything they can — nonviolently, of course — to change this society.”

We have shared values, shared hopes and dreams, and a shared interest in ending white supremacy. We build relationships through understanding our histories of oppression & resilience - without flattening or equating them. Crisis and shared enemies may bring us together, but building commonalities grounded in our values establishes a strong foundation for navigating disagreements in strategy and tension. Whether it is freedom to thrive, respect, safety, or living in a vibrant multi-racial democracy, we have to invest in looking beyond the systems of oppression that we are fighting against and cultivate the visions of liberation we are working towards.

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Solidarity Semester (Fall 2020): Week 4, Session 2

In this IG live, Deepa Iyer spoke with Ahmad Abuznaid of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights. They discussed Ahmad's path to social justice work, what solidarity across movements looks like, and how taking time for self-care is vital to sustaining our efforts

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Weavers, Explained!

This is the fifth IG Live of 10 Social Change Roles, Explained, a series presented by Deepa Iyer and the Building Movement Project.