100 days of building power and solidarity

A new report from Building Movement Project and Muslims for Just Futures highlighting the emerging needs of organizations working closely with Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, South Asian, and Black communities in the United States as the genocide in Gaza passes the 100 day mark in January 2024.


Solidarity Resources for Organizations

In these resources, you’ll find questions to reflect on when developing statements and practices of solidarity.


Developed as part of our ongoing workshops and trainings about transformative solidarity practice, this resource provides considerations and process questions for crafting solidarity narratives.

Solidarity Is This Podcast

The new season explores how organizers, community historians, and storytellers are reimagining and transforming sites of public history into spaces for understanding, healing, reconciliation, transformation, and, of course, solidarity.


Uplifting solidarity stories and practices with each new episode.

The Social Change Ecosystem Map Framework

The social change ecosystem framework helps individuals, networks, and organizations align and get in right relationship with social change values, individual roles, and their broader ecosystem.


Tools and resources designed to support your individual solidarity practice as well as your organization, network, or coalition.

Social Change Now

Social Change Now: A Guide for Reflection and Connection is Deepa Iyer’s heartfelt offering to individuals and groups seeking to initiate or deepen their actions in service to social change values.


For those who are just beginning their social change journeys to those who are weary and disillusioned, how can we effectively anchor our commitments to equity, solidarity, and justice?



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Solidarity Principles

Principles for transformative solidarity practice, developed by Solidarity Is | Building Movement Project.

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Our Latest

The Building Movement Project (BMP) supports and pushes the nonprofit sector to tackle the most significant social changes of our times by developing research, creating tools and training materials, providing guidance, and facilitating networks for social change.

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