About Us

A program of the Building Movement Project, Solidarity Is generates tools, trainings, and narratives to facilitate transformative solidarity practices for movement building organizations and activists who are invested in meaningful social change.

Our Story

The idea for Solidarity Is came from the Solidarity Summits, a gathering of local and national movement leaders brought together by the Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation , and the Proteus Fund’s RISE Together Fund. The cohort of leaders spent five years building their individual and organizational relationships through the framework of transformative solidarity. They gathered in places with rich histories of multiracial solidarity including Nashville, New Orleans, San Diego, and Albuquerque to learn from local leaders and to build narratives and strategies to address issues ranging from immigration and Islamophobia to anti-Black racism and violations at the border.

As a result of the Solidarity Summits, cohort members have experimented with solidarity practices in different contexts from coordinating resistance activities against the enforcement of bans, walls, and raids in the United States to connecting their community members together to bearing witness during times of community trauma.

Meet Our Team

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We envision a world where everyone practices solidarity to bring about mutual liberation, equity, inclusion, healing, and justice for all peoples. We commit to dismantling the institutions, policies and practices of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and xenophobia.

We hold that solidarity is not only practiced through our external work, but that it is a necessary component of our individual and organizational work as well. Addressing anti-Black racism within our movements is a cornerstone of our solidarity practice. We embrace the real, messy work of solidarity, welcoming moments of tension and conflict as opportunities to learn and grow together.


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Interested in learning more?

Check out our resources including the Solidarity Principles, the Social Change Ecosystem Map, and Solidarity Is This podcast episodes.

Interested in collaborating?

We offer trainings and workshops for organizations and networks around solidarity practice. Contact us to schedule a consultation and find the right fit for you or your organization.