Writing A Solidarity Statement

Graphic notes by Onibaba Studio | Cori Nakamura Lin

Writing A Solidarity Statement: Considerations and Process Questions

Often during movement moments or societal crises, organizations may contemplate drafting and releasing Solidarity Statements to convey their support of the demands and perspectives of partner groups and affected community members.

If you’re in that position, we invite you to work with BMP’s new resource called Writing A Solidarity Statement: Considerations and Process Questions. We developed it as part of our ongoing workshops and trainings about transformative solidarity practice. In the resource, you’ll find questions to reflect on before, during, and after drafting a solidarity statement. You’ll also find examples of important moments that could catalyze a Solidarity Statement and examples of inspiring statements from different groups and networks.

Work with our new resource, Writing A Solidarity Statement: Considerations and Process Questions

This resource could be beneficial for organizational staff who are responsible for cultivating partnerships, developing strategic communications, and engaging in rapid response. We hope that it can be a helpful resource, and invite your feedback at solidarityis@buildingmovement.org.