Reports and Research

Building Movement Project | Solidarity Is: Reports and Research

BMP and Solidarity Is develop reports to strengthen movement infrastructure and provide recommendations on how to deepen solidarity across communities, issue areas, and movements. We also provide guidance for organizations on how to shape solidarity narratives. Check out some of our reports below and find more tools and resources here.

Reckoning with sustainability

This installment of the Movement Infrastructure series, “Reckoning with Sustainability: Black Leaders Reflect on 2020, the Funding Cliff, and Organizing Infrastructure,” compiles insights and wisdom from over 50 Black movement leaders.

100 days

100 Days of Building Power and Solidarity, a collaboration with Muslims for Just Futures, highlights the emerging needs of organizations working closely with Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, South Asian, and Black communities in the United States as the genocide in Gaza passes the 100 day mark in January 2024.

Balancing Act

Based on a series of interviews with Asian American leaders on the frontlines of addressing targeted violence between 2020-2023, Balancing Act provides recommendations, ideas, and resources for organizations responding to community crises while building long-term movement infrastructure.