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The Social Change Ecosystem Framework

The social change ecosystem framework helps individuals, networks, and organizations align and get in right relationship with social change values, individual roles, and their broader ecosystem.

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Principles of Transformative Solidarity

We envision a world where everyone practices solidarity to bring about liberation, equity, and healing for all peoples.

Use the principles of transformative solidarity to contend with the fissures and flashpoints of division and polarization that are unraveling across the United States and that threaten to weaken the collective power of Black, Indigenous, and communities of color.


The Movement Pantry
Movement Pantry

This framework and tool helps individuals and organizations think about what’s in their movement pantry (frameworks, practices, relationships) and how they can shape and mold it to meet their goals.

Movement Leadership Stool
Movement Stool

We created the movement leadership stool to describe the various areas of support that movement leaders identified.

Header reads "Ecosystem of Well-Being”. The background is a close-up of greenery in a terrarium. There are three concentric circles, with the smallest light purple circle labeled “Individual,” the next light blue circle labeled “Organizational,” and the largest dark purple circle labeled “Communities.” Each circle corresponds to a text box that reads as follows. “Individual practices: Self-care, rest, reflection, creativity, joy, setting boundaries, clarifying own roles.” “Organizational practices: Material support (time, funding) for mental health; Practicing generative conflict; Naming and dismantling white dominant cultural norms; Building a culture of equity, inclusion, healing; Well-being committees; Sabbaticals.” “Communities of support: Squads; Spaces; Relationship building; Coaches; Education and skills development; Peer Support; Mentors”. At the bottom of the graphic, the Building Movement Project and Solidarity Is logos are pictured. The footer text reads “Copyright Building Movement Project/Solidarity Is 2021”.
Ecosystem of Well-Being

This tool provides a starting point for networks and organizations to integrate self-care and community-care and sustainability practices with systemic changes.

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Black History Month Resources

Learn about transformative solidarity practices within and across Black communities through this curated Solidarity Is This playlist featuring insights on why immigration is a Black issue, movement ecology, organizing lessons from Detroit, and more.

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AAPI Heritage Month Resources

Explore stories and lessons in building solidarity within and across Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in this resource round-up.


A playlist with episodes from the Solidarity Is This podcast archives about building solidarity across LGBTQ communities, generations, and movements.

Trainings and workshops

Keynotes, trainings, and workshops with SolidarityIs.